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“Transstroy” Corporation transpeciates the image of the Russian capital. Today the Corporation is one of the largest ones in the country, which provides realization of the most complicated complex engineering projects.






Transstroy Corporation — is one of the largest corporations in the building complex of Russia, and a succession of the Transport engineering Ministry

The corporation constructs transportation lines all over the territory of the country and abroad.

The corporation is the union of the scientific, project-survey and technological institutions, engineering and industrial enterprises. It takes the leading place in the in the development and usage of the progressive project solutions, new technologies, building constructions and special equipment in transport engineering.

The corporation builds and reconstructs railways and roads, airports, sea and river ports, large bridges, tubes (tunnels) and subways (undergrounds). The transport builders have already built more than 53,000 km of new railways and secondary lines, including the biggest Baikal-Amur main line, about 600 km of the subway lines, over 200,000 m of the sea and river berthing facilities, ferries Iljichevsk-Varna, Vanino-Holmsk, Klaipeda-Mukran, 55,000 km of the A-roads (main roads) on the territory of Russia and of the CIS countries.

When developing and saving 50-year-old traditions of the Transport Engineering Ministry, Transstroy Corporation carries on business in different regions of the country. During the last years a railway to the Chiney ore deposit in Chita Region has been built in the conditions of the deep-frozen soil on height of 1700 m with Seismic Activity 9. Transportation on the first complex of the railway line to the bauxite ore deposit began in the Komi Republic. The unique penetration of the North-Muysk tunnel has been finished in BAM. The international airport has been reconstructed in Kasan. A part of the transport bypass in Saint-Petersburg has been put in commission. A bulk-oil terminal has been built in Primorsk, the first set of the coal terminal has been built in Ust-Luga in the Baltics and others.

Transstroy Corporation transforms the image of the Russian capital. The corporation is to build such important objects as Moscow Ring road, the Third transport ring, big road interchanges and viaducts and it also is to reconstruct Old Gostinyi Dvor and to do unique operations concerning transferring to the new wings of the Krasnoluzhskiy bridge and Andreevskiy bridge. The constructed objects take successful part in competitions of Moscow government concerning the best restoration, reconstruction, recreation of architectural and other historical monuments. The total winner of the competition about the best implemented project 2001 is the road interchange at the intersection of Volokolamskoe highway and the Svobody Street with the tunnel under the Moscow channel.

One of the most complicated actual tasks, which are successfully solved by Transstroy, is laying the Lefortovskiy tunnel. It is the longest among the city tunnels in Europe. It is designed for passing the traffic and keeps the historical architectural park-like ensemble.

The Corporation carries out a wide range of the scientific researches, works out technical demands and special norms for designing and engineering of the supporting structures, works out the ways for the new monorail transport in Russia.

It is quite normal now to use the quality system on the basis of international standards ISO 9000 in the Corporation and its branch organizations. This system was certified by the international certification body TUV. It ensures the correspondence of the demands concerning the quality of designing, engineering, quality and durability of the constructions.

A high professional level of technical staff and labor force lets the Corporation put into practice large investment projects – from the creation of the idea up to its complete performance. And the basis of the Transstroy strategy remains the same: excellent quality, rational prices and observance of time constraints, which is possible only due to high-productive labor.

Today the Corporation is one of the largest in the country, providing performance of the most complicated engineering projects.
The objects of any complexity have been constructed during the last years very quickly and with the highest quality.

Certification of the quality system of the Corporation and its branch organizations according to the international standards ISO 9000 – is the sign of the high level of organization and the perfect technology.

107217, Moscow, Sadovaya-Spasskaya street, 21/1
tel: 777-79-00
fax: (095) 782-98-56
web: http://www.transstroy.ru
E-mail: hot@transstroy.ru

The president of the corporation “Transstroy”
V.A. Brezhnev

Manufacturing of the spans of bridges over the Volga near the village Pristannoe

Container terminal in the port Olya in Astrahanskaya region.

Highway tunnel in Lefortovo.


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