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Wide use of steel-fibre-concrete in construction allows getting more qualitative durable structures.






Common information:

In cooperation with the scientific research institute of transport construction Kurganstalmost JSC has elaborated and mastered the production of welded steel piling panels, which increase productivity and reduce metal consumption in comparison with hot rolled profiles.

Retaining walls made of steel sheet piling panels are widely spread in construction and rehabilitation of structures of different functional purposes.

The use of panels allows to get effective technical decisions of:

  • constructions of jetties in river-and-sea-ports;
  • walls of dry docks and locks;
  • shore embankment walls at the rivers and reservoirs;
  • handmade isles barriers by building of bridge piers;
  • tunnel walls and other underground constructions, erected in the open way;
  • temporary barriers of foundation pits.
The shape of steel sheet piling panels’ cross-sections is given on the figure..



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We find the peace
when joining the banks.
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