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The reached output of piling panels is 20 000 tons per year. Each delivery has a quality certificate. The quality is checked by the independent Bridge inspection and by the factory quality department.







Geometrical characteristics of panel cross-section:

Section height (H) — 400, 450, 500, and 600, 700, 800 mm;
Wall thickness (tw) — 10, 12, 14 mm;
Shelf thickness(tf) — from 10 to 22 mm with the step of 2 mm, and also 25 mm.
Panels may have a length from 4 to 28m.

Besides row panels, angle panels can be made in compliance with the given angle of the wall turn, as well as for the curved places. Panels can also have walls and shelves of variable thickness. The pile production conforms to technical specifications (”Welded piling panels”). The quality of panels is approved in accordance with all necessary standards.

In terms of panels’ use JSC Kurganstalmost closely works with such scientific and research institute of Russia and countries of CIS.

Mechanical steel qualities:

Yielding point — not less than 345 N/mm2;
Rupture strength — from 490 up to 685 N/mm2;
Relative elongation — 21%. Specific steel consumption for walls made of steel sheet piling panels varies from 131 kg/m2 (for minimal W=1830cm2/cm) up to 338 kg/m2 (for max.W=9995cm3/m).

Main advantages of panels’ application:

  • Panels have specific metal consumption. For example, construction of a wall requires 1000 tons of hot rolled Larsen 5 piles – for the same loading capacity only 580 tons of welded panels are needed;
  • Reduction of construction period: period of piles’ bedding reduces up to 3,5 times. It is conditioned by the distance between the lock. The distance between the locks of a piling panel is 1,5 m. Larssen 5 has 0,42 m.;
  • There’s no need to make anticorrosion layer in the field. At customers’ wish panels may have anticorrosion protection after shot blasting right at the workshop.









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