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The piling rig MBG 12 is the first model of a new generation of rotary kelly drilling rigs.







Crowd cylinder type

The piling rig MBG 12 is the first model of a new generation of rotary kelly drilling rigs. The key features are:

•  compact unit with ideal modular dimensions and weight for simple transport

•  optimum weight - power ratio

•  easy maintenance and repair

•  main winch at the rear of thr rig (reduction of weight)

•  kinematic system: stiff connection, mast adjustment in 2 separate operations in x-y direction

•  bottom of the mast is bolted to a horizontally movable frame (horizontal movability 400 mm )

Chain guided crowd system

Optional: chain guided crowd system

Two chains are fixed along the mast. Two drive motors for moving the unit along the chain, are mounted on the sledge of the rotary drive.

The chain guided crowd system allows the use of 4 m casing sections when Kelly drilling (with a Kelly bar 3/15).

It is required for CFA drilling and for FDP (full displacement) piling.

Technical specifications Drilling unit


Chain driven crowd

Overall height

14.500 mm

Operating weight approx.
(with kelly MBK12/305/3/15)

34.500 kg

Rotary drive

MDK 132

Torque at 300 bar

125 kNm

Speed of rotation max

35 U/min (RPM)

Crowd system


Crowd pressure / pull*

105 / 90 kN

* values measured at casing drive adapter


Speed (down/up)

7,5 / 7,5 m/min

Fast speed (down/up)

35 / 35 m/min

Stroke of sledge

9.300 mm

Main winch


winch classification M6 / L3 / T5


Single line pull ( 1 st layer effective / nominal)

100 / 125 kN

Rope diameter / Length

20 mm / 50 m

Line speed max.

60 m/min

Auxiliary winch


winch classification M5 / L2 / T5


Single line pull (1st layer effective / nominal)

30 / 38 kN

Rope diameter / Length

13 mm / 30 m

Line speed max.

45 m/min

Mast inclination


Backward / forward / lateral

15° / 5° / +- 3°


Standard equipment

•  Main winch with hydraulically operated freewheeling

•  Auxiliary winch with hydraulic load sensing

•  Hoist limit switch on main and auxiliary winches

•  Rotary drive MDK 132

•  Swivel for main rope

•  Hydraulically tiltable masthead

•  Crowd in fast or slow mode

Measuring and control equipment

•  Bauer monitor unit for displaying relevant operation and system data

•  Analog display of pump pressures (3 pressure gauges)

•  Mast inclination measurement on x/y axes (digital/analog display)

•  Automatic vertical alignment of mast

•  Depth and load measuring device main winch

•  Swivel alignment function on main winch

•  Speed measuring device on rotary drive

Technical specifications

Technical specifications Base carrier


CAT 3056 E

Rated output ISO 3046-1

129 kW @ 2.000 U/min (RPM)

Engine conforming to
EEC 97/68EC Stage 2 and EPA/CARB TIER II


Diesel tank

250 l

Ambient air temperature (at full power)

- 20° C bis (up to) 40° C

Sound pressure level in cabin (EN 791, Annex A)

L PA 74 dB(A)

Sound power level
(2000/14/EG u. EN 791, Annex A)

L WA 104 dB(A)

Hydraulic System

2-circuit system for drilling

Hydraulic power
(measured at fitting plate)

91 kW

Hydraulic pressure

300 bar

Flow rates (main circuits + auxiliary circuit)

2 x 150 l/min + 1 x 80 l/min

Hydraulic oil tank capacity

180 l


UW 25M

Retractable crawlers

FL 6

Track width

2.000 / 2.800 mm

Overall width of crawlers

2.500 / 3.300 mm

Triple bar track shoes

500 mm

Overall length of crawler units

4.200 mm

Traction force (effective)

210 kN

Travel speed

2 km/h


Optional equipment

Base carrier

•  Radio / CD player

•  Preinstallation for pressurised air conditioning

•  Pressurised air conditioning

•  Catwalk on side of operator´s cab

•  Cab movable sideways

•  Independent cab heater

•  Air conditioning system

•  Tempered safety glass panels

Drilling equipment

•  Chain drive crowd system

•  Masthead for continuous flight auger drilling

•  Upper kelly guide

•  Folding mastkhead

Measuring and control equipment

•  Data storage system

•  Data transmission system



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