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Now in its branch of industry, "Kurganstalmost" is the leading enterprise in terms of quantity of production output.







On the territory of the enterprise there are:

  • the main production building with the total floor area of 75000 m2, which combines the whole production run from metal supply up to the finished goods shipment;
  • engineering block;
  • canteen;
  • block of auxiliary shops;
  • compressor house;
  • open stockhouse for ready products;
  • boiler house;
  • stockhouse for combustible-lubricant materials and lacquer-paint materials;
  • oxygen gasified station;
  • underground stockhouse of propane-butane with an oxygen compartment;
  • transformer substation of 110/10 kW;
  • automobile garage;
  • diesel locomotive depot and other premises, necessary for the activity of the enterprise.

High quality steel structures and their good erection are ensured by modern technology of manufacture. In the manufacturing process of the products at the plant metal-cutting equipment, press-forging plant, load lifting equipment, welding gas-cutting equipment both of domestic and foreign production (Germany, Japan, Yugoslavia and other countries), including machine-tools with numerical programmed control and digital indication are used.

In the preparation shop there are two lines of shot blasting treatment of metal by «Gitart» which ensure working the surfaces of all the metal arriving at the factory. Straightening machines UBR-40 and UBR-32 are used to achieve the required metal surfaces. The above machines can straighten metal of 40 mm thick. The straightening of the angle profile is made on straighteners.

The gas-cutting equipment available at the plant allows making both linear cutting of the metal on gas-cutting machines «Dnieper-2.5» and producing elements of complex configuration on gas-cutting machines «Comet» with numerical programmed control. Metal cutting machines for preparatory manufacture allow working the elements of 18 meters long. Assembly production is equipped with special mechanized assembly-welding stands, fully rotating conductor manipulators, universal assembling devices and equipment.

In 2004 laser-cutting machines for metal were introduced. It is notable for high accuracy of manufacturing positions of any configuration with excellent quality of edges and for high productivity.

The application of specialized equipment in metalware production allows making sets of high strength fasteners for connection of steel superstructures elements, installed in any climatic zone of Russia.

  • In blanking manufacturing — specific weight reduction of blank mechanical processing by substitution with gas-cutting with high accuracy of performance and quality of cutting. For the purpose gas-cutting machines which are notable for their high accuracy and quality of cutting are used. So, in 2004 two gas-cutting machines with numerical programmed control by «Messer» ( Germany) were implemented. They meet all the necessary requirements. Laser metal-cutting machine was bought.

Maximal dimensions of the cut sheets:
- length up to 26m;
- width up to 2,5m;
The width of sheet products:
- mild steel (low-carbon steel) - up to 20mm;
- alloyed, nonrust, hot-resistant steel up to 15mm.
Accuracy of cutting is + 0,1/1000mm.
  • In assembly-welding production — universalization of the manufacturing floors which allows quickly check in manufacturing steel superstructures of different types; increasing specific weight of welding in the sphere of shielding gas, mixture of inert gases. Rational universalization of the manufacturing floors has been performed in the 90s,at the time of increasing of range and volume of production. At the beginning of 2000s new manufacturing spaces have been prepared and mastered. Installation of gas-welding mixtures distribution to the working places was put into operation in 2002.

  • Anti-corrosion protection of the metal constructions — implementation of the surface preparation under base coating which meets modern requirements, usage of modern high-quality systems of anti-corrosion protection which guarantees firm and long-life coverage. The enterprise bought and implemented lines for turbine shot-blasting processing of finished articles by «Hitsaus Patila» ( Finland) and a similar to this line of its own production. This allows performing surface preparation for coverage which corresponds to international standards requirements. For example, the method of airless diffusion allows expanding working lifespan of the bridge constructions in different climatic zones with different degrees of aggressiveness of the environment.

When working at the improvement of the manufactured products quality the enterprise constantly cooperates with the leading Russian companies producing steel structures and with the R&D institutes and metallurgical works.


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