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The administration of the plant and the union committee pay great attention to the cultural and sports activities.







The administration of the plant and the union committee pay great attention to the cultural and sports activities. For those who like bard songs, tours to the Ilmensky, Grushevsky festivals are organized. The trips to the rivers the Iset and Revun have become traditional. It has put the beginning to the organization of the whole bard meeting. Gymnasiums are rented and auto services are given for organization of sportssections and competitions. A good tradition exists – mass organization of summer holidays, going on the territory of the plant including athletic cross, relay races, tug-of-wars and other competitions among the workers of the plant. A mass sport show is organized at the end of winter in “Golubye ozera”, which is called “Banya”. People go to banya, jump into an ice-hole, have a rest and compete. People like this activity and many fancies and participants take part in this fun.

There is a shop, hairdressing saloon, bootmaker, library for the staff in the plant. The plant is on good terms with Filarmoniya, Drama theatre for organization of New Year parties and celebrations. The plant also organized horticultural cooperatives “Mostovik”, “Zaozernyi”.
It also supports a kindergarten, teens’ center “Mostovik”, works with schools 20, 52, technological school 11 for attracting young people for working there.
Children-teens’ sport school “Mostovik” is situated in the microdistrist, where the main mass of the workers lives. Its main aim besides sport and health is character building work with children and teenagers, representing leisure and preventing the influence of the street. About 500 children and teenagers at the age of 6 – 17 go to this school. The pedagogical collective is the specialists with the higher pedagogical and sport education.

During the last 8 years a summer vocation for workers’ children is organized under the conduction of experienced tourists in the banks of the rivers of Bashkiria and Altai. About 100 – 150 children have a rest there on the period of the summer vocation annually. This active rest with rafting, living in tents, sinning before a fire impresses children extremely much. Two saunas were built by a group of enthusiasts on the territory of the plant in the common bulk. A full set of exercisers for athletic gymnastics, physical therapy is situated in one of them. All these things including sauna, swimming-pool, different types of shower, beautiful design give good opportunities for a rest, performing mass-cultural, entertaining activities.
There are 29 educating groups including hockey with puck, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, karate, free calisthenics, aerobics, athletic gymnastics.
There are special groups with remedial gymnastics and correcting gymnastics for the children with health lapses. Special healthful sections such as a healthy group, shaping and athletic gymnastics work for the workers of the plant.

The Ice Palace

The idea of building the Sport Ice Palace came to Nikolai Vasilyevitch Paryshev in the beginning of 90s, when the hockey team “Mostovik” played in the second league of the country championship. At that time the meetings were held on the open hockey court, which was made by the plantwokers for the children team “Nadezhda” in subbotniks. Those matches drew attention of many fancies ready to support their favorite team on any cold days. The first project of the Ice Palace, invented in 1995 was to be situated on the territory of the plant. Because of some reasons this project was not performed. After the team “Mostovok” entered the major league in 1999, the question about the building of the modern Ice Palace arose again. It was too hard but Nikolai Vasilyevitch managed to persuade the government of the town and the region to make a right decision. There were three variants of the dislocation of the Palace. And at least a place on the territory of microdistrict Zaozernyi was chosen. It had a prospective chances for development. The designing and building of the Palace were going simultaneously. Working this way, the builders carried away by Nikolai Vasilyevitch’s enthusiasm had been building the Palace for a year and a half and put in commission a marvelous building with all modern equipment in September of 2001. The ice quality, design and sports equipment of our Ice Palace take the first place over the Ural region and the Siberia. It houses 2,500 of guests.
Now The Ice Palace is the center of sport activity for children and teenagers. A highly professional staff managed by Paryshev S.N. is responsible for the constant work of the Palace and high quality of the equipment and ice. During for several years Kurgan fans visit interesting matches supporting their favorite hockey team.


Kurganstalmost is an establisher and general sponsor of the hockey team “Zauralye”, the first name was “Mostovik”.
The history of the origin and development of the team goes back to the 80-ths. During that time Semenov Vladimir worked at the plant and he was not indifferent to sport. He gathered all the boys from the microdistrict Zaozernyi and organized the children hockey team “Nadezhda”. The plant helped to buy the sportsuniform and the sportsground was built on subbotniks. The boys covered the ground with ice themselves. The team took part in the competitions “Golden puck” successfully. The battles were kept on for long winter evenings. New young hockey players grew up. The sportsskill developed. Many of those young boys went on playing hockey later.
At the beginning of the 90-ths a hockey team “Mostovik” was organized and showed its power firmly. It took part in championship games of Russia owing to CJSC “Kurganstalmost”.
Step by step the team raised to the Major League from the Second League in 2001. The debut came in September of 2001 on the ice of the new Ice Palace. The players came and went away, trainers changed, even the name of the team was changed, but the only thing remained the same – love and proud of the plant staff to the team, unchangeable support and tireless care of sports lover and fan, former good sportsman – N.V. Paryshev. And the team tries to answer expectations of their fans. The home games have, as a rule, a rough and uncompromising and fancy character. Team almost never looses at home.


The Ice Palace




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