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JSC “Kurganstalmost” possesses all the necessary equipment for manufacturing of production with high quality: manufacturing buildings, equipment, maintenance engineering, and educated qualified staff.







Construction documents for building a plant of steel superstructures for bridges with production output 60 thousand of steel superstructures tons per year was confirmed by the Ministry of Transport Building on the 25-th November, 1974.

1976 – 1979. The first stage

The enterprise was being built and put into operation in a phased manner. While building manufacturing buildings and structures, technical equipment was brought and mounted. The first phase was finished and put into operation in the first half of 1979. At that time the first staff of workers and engineers. The technological preparation of manufacturing of steel superstructures of bridges was headed by the chief process engineer, and later the chief engineer of the enterprise Vladislav Leonidovich Ivkin. A department of the chief process engineer was formed out of specialists who had been working at the leading machine-building enterprises of Kurgan and specialists who had a great experience in machine-building: Kopyrin V.I., Egii V.P., Chirkov V.I., Menschikov V.N., Kuznetsov V.I., Sotskich V.A., Gryaznych V.M., Korshunov S.V. All of them have been still working at our enterprise till today, making up the main body of engineering.

1980 – 1984. The first order

The first and the most responsible trial for the staff of the young enterprise named Kurgan steel bridge superstructures enterprise (KZMMK), was a governmental offer for delivering superstructures for building a bridge 9 x 88 m across the Amu-Darya to join the banks of The USSR and Afghanistan. This bridge lets automobile and railway transport go across the river. The superstructures were manufactured with high quality and delivered at the agreed time. The presentation of the bridge was in 1982.

1985-1989. New types of production

Manufacturing of box-framed beams was mastered in 1985 to be used as bearing elements of the high-way bridges. These structures allow building wider and longer bridges, which is a progress in domestic bridge-building.

1990 – 1994

In November 1990 Paryshev Nikolai Vasilyevich becomes the head of the enterprise. The enterprise is reformed into a daughter enterprise as Closed Joint-Stock Company “Kurganstalmost” as part of JSC “Mostostroyindustria”.
The crises in the country could not help influencing the functioning of the enterprise. The volumes of output and delivery decreased, economic position became worse. To overcome the crises the tasks to increase the quality of the production, to master new types of competitive production, to learn the market and to improve relations with business partners were assigned.
Manufacturing of steel superstructures of bridge spans of railway type with airproof cells of gratings started in 1990. Production and delivery of steel superstructures for bridges of the Eastern Siberia and Tyumen North continued at this time.
Manufacturing of constructions for the large high way bridge across the Irtysh in Omsk and the unique bridge across the Ob in Barnaul was put into operation in 1992.
In 1994 the enterprise undertime mastered production of Steel Fibre according to the technology of the famous Company “Vulkan Harex” (Germany).

1995 – 1999. New orders

During the crises years 1995 – 1996, the volume of output of steel superstructures decreased till 10 000 tons. JSC “Mostoindustria” and the right policy of management helped the enterprise. The consequent performance of strategic production tasks and stabilization of finance position and keeping the staff allowed recommending the enterprise in the new Russian market firmly. Since 1997 the enterprise increased the volumes of production and approached the project level. A number of large tenders were won, first and foremost in Moscow market. The first object for the capital was spans in the intersection of railway with Mir Avenue. Despite of great sizes and technical complicity, they were manufactured and delivered in time and with high quality.
The enterprise managed to win the tender to deliver steel superstructures for the unique high way bridge across the Ob in Surgut. In order to increase production capacity of Fibre in 1998, two more milling machines of the French Company “Line?” were bought.
The collective of engineers and Institute of Scientific Research of transport building developed and certificated construction of welded sheet pilling panels. Since 1999 the enterprise became a separate legal entity.

2000 – 2005. Stability and quality

Owing to the solidarity of the staff, correct strategic line of management, relationship with the partners and support of “Mostostroyindustria” and “Transstroy” Corporation, the enterprise managed not only to survive but even to increase the volume of production. JSC “Kurganstalmost” possesses all the necessary equipment for manufacturing of production with high quality: manufacturing buildings, equipment, maintenance engineering, and educated qualified staff. Now it is possible to output steel superstructures for bridges of any necessary length and width. The grade of operational compatibility of elements of a product takes into account specifications of objects and places. Quality management system, which was certificated by Lloyd’s Register Assurance according to demands of the International standards ISO 9001:2000, has been organized and is functioning now.

At present, the most part of the production output is the superstructures for bridge spans. The main factor in increasing competitive ability of production and conquest of market is achievement and keeping of quality on the highest level. Growing up consumer needs make the enterprise refer to quality of anti-corrosion protection of steel superstructures in a different way. Modernization of paint finishing plant allows to achieve high quality of surface preparing before presizing and painting, this in its turn allows in combination with using of high quality paint materials to reach strong long anti-corrosion protection for superstructures. The enterprise takes part in testing and introduction of new modern paint materials of domestic production. The enterprise constantly works on modernization and renewal of technical equipment, enhancement. Constant modernization of procuring production, equipping it with modern gas-cutting equipment allows to increase its efficiency and quality. The way to technical reparation was also changed. In order to win and keep market, the enterprise must work quickly and qualitatively. The terms of preparation of new production are constantly shortening. Sketches and technological processes are worked out quickly. Engineering preproduction on the basis of professional computers with using software product (sketch-graphic editor COMPAS) was introduced into the enterprise, this preproduction was invented by Russian company Askon. This allows to decrease development of sketch-tech documentation three times. In combination with specialists from Askon Company and engineering staff of the enterprise began realization of the perspective task: production of a complex network program for preparation and management of production on the basis of personal computers. New forms of work with project organizations and customer are introduced at the enterprise in order to provide good quality and preserve time limits.
Manufacturing and delivery of superstructures orders are carried out on the basis of tenders more and more. Customers often send their representatives to our enterprise to get acquainted with the technology, equipment, production possibilities and quality of the enterprise. Great attention is paid to advertising, culture of manufacturing that attracts customers very much. We possess the whole type-setting of promotional booklets, pictures, prospects, videotapes. The specialists of the enterprise take part in different exhibitions, seminars, conferences with usage of commercials at home and abroad.

The enterprise JSC “Kurganstalmost” has been always tending to make stable strong relationship with customers. Mutual meetings of the chiefs and specialists have become traditional, there is mutual understanding and help. As an example: the contacts with JSC “Mostostroy”, JSC “Mostootryad-19”, JSC “Mostotrest”, administrations of the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District, of the Perm region, of Bashkortostan and many others.

Wide spreading market relations in the conditions of severe competition dictates necessity of manufacturing new kinds of production. As far as the enterprise works in the field of engineering industry and is a specialized company, so it is wise to develop nomenclature of production especially in this branch. Mastering production that does not fit our manufacturing is not necessary because while taking much money for manufacturing, it will hardly be competitive production of a high quality, even if it is a necessary one for market. The conception of the enterprise entering into the modern market is based on these very positions. The enterprise masters manufacturing of welded sheet piling panels and steel fibre. We are solving the problem of entering market with these new kinds of production both home and abroad.


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