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Moscow monorail transport system

Current tense conditions in Moscow megapolis require rapid introduction of untraditional ways of transportation, such as monorail transport. Construction and putting in operation of monorail roads can solve a lot of technical and social problems. It is planned to build the first monorail road of Moscow monorail transport system of about 10 km in length.

Our enterprise managed to get an order for manufacturing of 3 800 tons of girders for Moscow monorail transport system. High degree of accuracy of dimensions and geometrical forms of blanks has been achieved due to timely purchased and introduced German gas-cutting equipment of “Easy Therm” type by “Messer”. In order to provide the desired accuracy of assembly-welding works there have been designed and manufactured graded-surface based universal test benches.

For monitoring the linear and angular dimensions there appeared a necessity in obtaining and mastering of up-to-date optical and laser measuring instruments. Such measuring carried out by means of electronic tacheometer with laser plummet can be entered in the computer database for further processing. Optical quadrant and tacheometer have got a very high accuracy of large dimension constructions measuring. At the enterprise there have been organized training and attestation of specialists working with this measuring equipment.

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We find the peace
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